About FEI

FEI is a women owned business, certified by the State of Oregon as DBE/WBE (Certification Number: 8921).

FEI staff has been providing services from our Corvallis facility since 1982, from our Eugene facility since 1999, and from our Salem field office since 2014. The scope of our services has included construction materials testing, special inspection, geotechnical consultation and construction monitoring. These services have been provided to a variety of clients throughout Oregon including: governmental, commercial/industrial, institutional and private-sector. Services provided have included special inspection of reinforcing steel, poured-in-place concrete, pre-cast architectural concrete, pre-stress concrete, structural masonry, installation of anchors in concrete/masonry, spray-applied fireproofing, shearwall and diaphragm nailing, structural steel (shop and field), and high-strength bolts. Other field services encompass geotechnical consultation and testing, aggregate/soil sampling and testing, asphalt testing, asphalt and concrete coring, vapor emission testing and construction monitoring.

Laboratory testing services are offered on a variety of construction materials. These services have been performed on a variety of projects including schools/universities, streets, highways, bridges, subdivisions, athletic facilities, warehouses, multi-story buildings, medical/dental complexes, and manufacturing and technological developments.

Our laboratory is accredited and field-audited by Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and International Accreditation Services (IAS), and we are registered with OBOA for reinforced concrete, structural masonry and structural steel. We are approved for the testing and inspection of construction materials and participate in annual laboratory proficiency testing sponsored by the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) and AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL). Our laboratory has been registered as an approved special inspection agency with the cities of Corvallis, Salem and Eugene building departments, as well as with other surrounding cities and counties.

Our field and laboratory technicians are certified or approved by one or more of the following organizations:

  • ODOT - Oregon Department of Transportation
  • ACI - American Concrete Institute
  • ICC - International Code Council
  • OBOA - Oregon Building Officials Association
  • AWS - American Welding Society
  • NICET - National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies

FEI has concentrated on building solid, long-term client relationships and developing expert knowledge regarding local conditions, codes, contractors and construction industry practices. The combination of qualified staff, local experience and full-service facilities enables us to provide our clients, their design teams and contractors with the best methods for achieving efficient and economical service.

Oregon Department of Transportation
Oregon Building Officials Association
International Accreditation Service